Derby Festival Marathon 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.28.10 PMIt’s back. It’s Saturday. It will make getting to Walden Theatre very tricky. It’s the Derby Festival Marathon on April 19.

The only way to get here will be from the east, via the intersection at Payne and Lexington. If you come from the Highlands or points west/south, plan a detour ahead of time.

Here’s a link for the race route:

Here’s a list of all street closures:

And here’s the big one (8am-4pm Baxter Ave CLOSED):

8 am (Saturday, April 19, 2014) - 4 pm (Saturday, April 19, 2014)

  • Breckinridge Street from 3rd Street to Barret Avenue

  • Barret Avenue to Winter Avenue

  • Winter Avenue to Baxter Avenue

  • Baxter Avenue to Broadway

  • Broadway to 3rd Street

Please note that this closure will affect everyone. With heavier traffic than usual on Lexington and intersections at Spring and Grinstead you will be delayed, so please give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to get here just in case.



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Young American Shakespeare Festival 2014

YASF-2014-posterJoin Walden Theatre for this annual Festival – this year featuring a comedy, a history, and a romance by William Shakespeare playing together in repertory:

As You Like It, directed by Charlie Sexton

May 16.17.18 @ 7:30 +  May 10.11 @ 2:00
The plucky Rosalind, her friend Celia, and their jester run off to an Arcadian wilderness full of exiles, lovelorn princes, and dullards. Love, disguise, and mischief carry the day even as the usurper Duke marches in pursuit.

Richard II, directed by J. Barrett Cooper

May @ 7:30  + May 17 @ 2:00
Returning from war in Ireland, the overconfident king discovers an opportunistic rival has raised an army to reclaim a wrongly seized inheritance. Can Richard’s rule–and his very life–survive the disgrace of an unchecked challenge to his God-given authority?

Pericles, directed by Julane Havens

May @ 7:30  +  May 18 @ 2:00
A Greek prince fleeing an evil king sails the seas in this tale of triumphant rescues, beautiful maidens, and great personal tragedy. Will determination, wit, and divine intervention see the prince’s family restored to him?

Evenings: $15 adults, $10 students/seniors, matinées: $10 adults, $8 students/seniors. To reserve tickets call 502.589.0084. For will call and walk-ups, box office opens 1 hour before showtime. House opens 30 minutes before showtime. All performances on the Nancy Niles Sexton Stage at Walden Theatre, 1123 Payne Street, Louisville, KY 40204.


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Improv Showcase (Spring ’14)

Improv showcase is coming up!
May 10, 10:00-11:00am

Please note that if you’re not already in attendance students will need picked up at 11am instead of noon.

We’ll provide free juice, milk, and plenty of delicious coffee courtesy of Highland Coffee Company. It is also a tradition for families to bring a treat (pastries, cupcakes, cookies, cheese & crackers, fruit, that kind of thing) to share for the students during and after the show. The Improv groups take turns performing, and after each group finishes they’ll raid the treats and watch the following groups. It’s a lot of fun, and a having a big crowd and lots of goodies is a great reward at the end of the semester.

Admission is free, and family and friends are encouraged to attend. It sometimes gets crowded, but there is standing room. It’s a good idea to arrive a bit early.

The showcase is the final class meeting for the semester for Improv. Please note that our Summer Program enrollment is going faster than ever, so if you haven’t turned in your form and deposit yet, please do so soon. Don’t wait until the showcase – last year’s Summer Academies were mostly filled by then!

Check out the enrollment forms for our programs below or click here to visit the website:

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Imagination Class Showcases

Imagination Class showcases are coming up soon. Here’s the information about when kids will perform for family and friends to wrap up a great semester of story making, crafts, and on-stage heroics!

Students have designed a top and a head piece for their character which we’re keeping at Walden, but parents will provide bottoms and shoes to complete the ensemble. To provide students with the maximum time for our final dress rehearsal, it would be best if your child could arrive to Walden already wearing their pieces from home.

Also, if you haven’t already, families should get their reservation sheet back to Miss Hallie as soon as possible or email her with your preference.

Saturday Group (4/26):

9:00: Arrive at Walden wearing costume pieces from home.
9:00-9:30: Change into costume pieces being kept at Walden.
9:30-10:45: Final dress rehearsal in space.
10:45-11:00: Kids have snack, audience #1 gets seated.
11:00-11:30: Showcase #1
11:30-11:45: Audience #1 exits, Audience #2 gets seated.
11:45-12:15: Showcase #2
12:15-12:30: Hugs, Packing Up, and Goodbyes!

Monday Group (4/28):

4:15: Arrive at Walden wearing costume pieces from home.
4:15-4:45: Change into costume pieces being kept at Walden.
4:45-5:15: Final dress rehearsal in space.
5:15-5:30: Kids have snack, audience #1 gets seated.
5:30-6:00: Showcase #1
6:00-6:15: Audience #1 exits, Audience #2 gets seated.
6:15-6:45: Showcase #2
6:45-7:00: Hugs, Packing Up, and Goodbyes!

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Keeping Connected for Another Year

p2g--keeping-connected-spring-2014For more than a year now, Walden Theatre’s innovative Connecting Cultures initiatives in Louisville, Eastern Kentucky, and Nicaragua have helped diverse groups of young people to share their personal narratives, use dramatic storytelling to address harmful stereotypes and expectations, and build frameworks for empathy and understanding that can overcome cultural divides.

And now, as we wrap up a few Connecting Cultures projects in community centers, at-risk schools, and elsewhere, it’s time to build on those successes and look to the future of this valuable, one-of-a-kind set of programs that serves kids who are so frequently underserved by the arts.

Support this continuing initiative into the coming year on!

Walden Theatre has begun planning for several Connecting Cultures Initiatives for 2014-15. In the upcoming season, look for skilled Outreach Education instructors and Conservatory acting students in the Connecting Company to feature in the following programs:

    – 8 week high-school residency, school matinée performances, public performances
    – Multi-week residency on location outside of Louisville, public performances
    – Multi-week residency in American Community Center or similar

Walden Theatre continues to craft new Connecting Cultures programs that widen the range of ages and abilities we can serve in the coming year and new partnerships are in the works as word about Connecting Cultures gets out.

We invite you to stand alongside us as we help young people create powerful original theatre in the coming year.



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New Allan Cowen prize goes to Managing Director Alison Huff


We’re excited to pass along cool news about Walden Theatre’s Managing Director Alison Huff, who was just awarded the Allan Cowen Innovation Fund for Advancement of the Arts Grant by Louisville’s Fund for the Arts.

That’s a mouthful. So what does this mean?

Alison will be awarded $5,000-$10,000 to pursue professional development at the Harvard University Business School, specifically attending an executive education program on strategic nonprofit management and visiting Project Zero, Harvard’s education research hub.

She’ll be bringing back top-flight ideas from a top-flight program packed and sharing them as our company moves forward (and with the arts community at large, of course).

Here’s a bit from Elizabeth Kramer’s article about the award:

This year the prize — called the Allan Cowen Innovation Fund for Advancement of the Arts Grant — marks the first time the organization is presenting what it is planning to be an annual award that can have a value between $5,000 and $10,000. – See more at:

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Apprentice and Studio Showcases

Look below for information about your particular class and group. The first section on Tickets, Volunteers, and Photo/Video applies to all.


Tickets are $8 payable at the door/will-call with cash, check, charge (no AMEX).
Box office opens at 4:30pm and house opens at 5:00pm on the evening of each show.
Reservations can be made by phone 502.589.0084 or email Due to limited capacity and the popularity of these showcases, reservations are recommended.


We will need help managing the box office and handing out programs before these performances. Volunteers for showcases (and for all shows at Walden Theatre) receive complimentary tickets to the show. There is a signup you can visit by clicking the following link:


We will have production images and video available for all showcases. Watch for an email when these become available.



Please note that the Apprentice group will meet on atypical days/times the final week for tech rehearsal and showcases. Each group will perform only one of the dates below but attendance on the tech rehearsal day and your day of the performance is mandatory. Here’s everything you need to know…


April 21 (Monday) – ALL – Tech rehearsal 4:30-6:30, attendance mandatory for all Apprentice Class
April 22 (Tuesday) – GROUP B (Charlie) only – Actors arrive 4:15, performance begins 5:30
April 24 (Thursday) – GROUP A (Julane) only – Actors arrive 4:15, performance begins 5:30


The directors have coordinated with the actors what everyone should wear. Ask your student to share this information with you. If they are unclear or can’t remember, make sure they contact their director as soon as possible to avoid confusion.


Each group’s showcase (depending on group, April 22 or April 24) is the end of the term for that portion of the Apprentice Class. We still have space in our Summer Programs, but they’re filling faster than ever. You can find registration forms for these on our website:


The following information applies to all students in the Studio Class. The entire group will be performing both days so attendance at both performance dates is mandatory. Here’s everything you need to know…


April 23 (Wednesday) – Actors arrive 4:30, performance begins 5:30
April 25 (Friday) – Actors arrive 4:30, performance begins 5:30


Actors are expected to wear simple black clothing that they can move comfortably in (simple non-printed Ts/polos/blouses, pants/tights) for both performances.


The showcase on April 25 is the end of the term for the Studio Class. We still have space in our Summer Academy sessions this summer, but those are filling faster than ever. You can find registration forms for these and other Summer Programs on our website:

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