Showcases & End of Term Schedule

We are approaching the end of the term, and that means Fall Showcases, Thanksgiving, and final classes of the term are coming up soon.

On Turkey Week, there will be no classes from Nov 23-26 (that’s Wednesday through Saturday, for those keeping score).

Here’s a quick look at showcase dates and times and final class sessions. Except where noted, the showcase IS the final meeting of the class:

  • Improv Showcase: Saturday Dec 10 @ 10am (runs about an hour)
  • Studio Showcases: Wednesday Dec 7 @ 5:30 pm
    AND Friday Dec 9 @ 5:30pm
  • Apprentice Showcases: Tuesday Dec 6 @ 5:30 pm
    AND Thursday Dec 8 @ 5:30 pm
  • Performance final class: Thursday Dec 1
  • Seniors Showcase: Saturday Dec 17 @ 7:30pm

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