Oct 12 Street Closures will affect your route for Oresteia

STREETS CLOSED 6:30-8:45pm, Friday Oct 12

  • Bardstown Road from Rosewood to Highland Avenue
  • Baxter Avenue from Highland to Lexington Road


  • Studio and Apprentice students getting picked up on Friday
  • Audiences for Friday night’s performance of Oresteia at 7:30pm
This Friday (Oct 12) is the Caulfield’s Halloween Parade from 6:30-8:45. The parade begins at Mid-City Mall and terminates at the Baxter Avenue Morgue just downhill from us on Baxter Avenue. Of course, streets along the route will be closed to traffic, so anyone who uses Bardstown Road or Baxter Avenue to reach Walden Theatre will have to detour around to Lexington Road.
Payne Street crosses Lexington Road at Distillery Commons, and that will be the only way to reach Walden after 6:30 (and possibly a little before…). For residents of the Highlands and points west, here are the best detours:
  • Take Eastern Parkway and/or Cherokee Parkway to Grinstead, then Lexington. Take Lexington north to Payne.
  • Take Market Street east, continuing along Mellwood and taking a right on Spring Street. Then take a right onto Payne.

Hope this helps.

Please note that there are more street closures coming up Oct 19 and Nov 3. As soon as we hear back from the neighborhood police liaison I’ll have details for beating the traffic.

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