Slant Culture, Salvation Road, and Comp Tickets

Get in the Festival spirit. Now. Do it now. While there’s still time.  Slant won’t last forever, but it will last through Sunday November 18 right here at Walden Theatre. Here’s some key information you’ll need to know to maximize your enthusiasm:


Final 3 performances are Nov 15 @ 7:30pm, Nov 17 @ 5:30pm, and Nov 18 @ 5:30pm. Walden Theatre students get in to see one performance free, and we know that many students haven’t been to the show yet. It’s not too late, but we’re running out of opportunities!


The good people at Theatre [502] are offering Walden students the chance to see their final performance of this show on Nov 18 @ 7:30pm for free. So here’s the plan: Come to the 5:30 show of Salvation Road, then stick around for the 7:30pm show of Debate Over Courtney O’Connell for a free ticket. It’s just that easy.


We still need ushers for all performances. Click here for the link to sign up. Each volunteer shift earns tickets to two shows + a Slant Culture Theatre Festival t-shirt!  Anyone 16 and up can join the fun, and this is a great way to participate in this first-ever festival that Louisville’s been missing. Plunge into the Culture!


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