Final public performance of Connecting Cultures

Connecting-Cultures-2014Don’t miss this extraordinary show directed by Melinda Crecelius and Hallie Dizdarevic, devised by Walden Theatre students, and inspired by the life stories, struggles, and successes of students at The Academy @ Shawnee and the ESL Newcomer Academy. The show is free and open to the public, but reservations can be made by phone 589-0084 or email.

  • April 11 at 7:30pm
  • Walden Theatre’s Nancy Niles Sexton Stage
  • Facebook event

Walden Theatre’s Connecting Company returned to work in 2014 as part of our  innovative collaboration with students at the at-risk Academy @ Shawnee and the ESL students at the Newcomer Academy. The groups share a campus they otherwise have little interaction, so Connecting Cultures is a unique way to challenge divides of all kinds–physical and cultural.

The theatre exercises, personal narratives, and group work accomplished by the integrated cohort of young people during our Outreach Education residency were then shared with Walden Theatre students who relied exclusively on this material to identify common themes, struggles, and achievements around which they crafted this special, original production.

With Connecting Cultures, the Walden Theatre ensemble gives voice to the talented, sometimes misunderstood, often overlooked, but ultimately optimistic voices of young people native to Louisville and their peers recently arrived from around the world.


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