Keeping Connected for Another Year

p2g--keeping-connected-spring-2014For more than a year now, Walden Theatre’s innovative Connecting Cultures initiatives in Louisville, Eastern Kentucky, and Nicaragua have helped diverse groups of young people to share their personal narratives, use dramatic storytelling to address harmful stereotypes and expectations, and build frameworks for empathy and understanding that can overcome cultural divides.

And now, as we wrap up a few Connecting Cultures projects in community centers, at-risk schools, and elsewhere, it’s time to build on those successes and look to the future of this valuable, one-of-a-kind set of programs that serves kids who are so frequently underserved by the arts.

Support this continuing initiative into the coming year on!

Walden Theatre has begun planning for several Connecting Cultures Initiatives for 2014-15. In the upcoming season, look for skilled Outreach Education instructors and Conservatory acting students in the Connecting Company to feature in the following programs:

    – 8 week high-school residency, school matinée performances, public performances
    – Multi-week residency on location outside of Louisville, public performances
    – Multi-week residency in American Community Center or similar

Walden Theatre continues to craft new Connecting Cultures programs that widen the range of ages and abilities we can serve in the coming year and new partnerships are in the works as word about Connecting Cultures gets out.

We invite you to stand alongside us as we help young people create powerful original theatre in the coming year.




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