Alumni News: Cherrish Curry

We recently heard back from Cherrish Curry (alumna ’13), who’s been busy working on a BFA in drama production and design studio at New York University. This summer, she’ll be doing stage operations at Glimmerglass in Cooperstown NY, which is THE summer opera and musical theatre getaway for the New York area and a great place to rub shoulders with a range of industry insiders. Congrats Cherrish on a strong first year away!

Here’s a letter she sent us last month from the front lines, as it were:

I’m loving the city and loving my work. Tomorrow I load in for my first show I’m designing up here. And I’ve had a lot of opportunities to work on a lot of projects and gigs up here including an immersive zombie apocalypse piece in Harlem and a gay nightclub on 42nd street. My classes let me meet a lot of people from the industry and tour a lot of spaces/get a free ticket here and there. I’ve been trying to get more involved with the industry professionals and am arranging to meet with Mary Louise Geiger this week and actively arranging to meet Jennifer Tipton before summer. Which speaking of summer, I’m very honored to have been accepted at Glimmerglass this summer doing stage operations and I cannot wait.

Can’t wait to hear more after Glimmerglass!


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