Zombie Math?

zombie-math-BRAINSIt takes BRAINS!!! to survive a zombie apocalypse.

That’s the idea behind this innovative STEAM program (science, technology, engineering, ART, and math) that teaches ~60 students from two math classes at North Bullitt County High School to apply algebra-based problem solving skills to a dramatic scenario involving, yes, the walking dead.

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It’s a common problem. Not the zombies (yet), but students who don’t recognize how they’ll use algebra in real-world situations or who resist deep learning because there are quick ways to solve problems using technology.

Logo_No Tagline_ColorIn ZOMBIE MATH, Walden Theatre instructors are working with high school math teachers during a residency where students will be broken into small groups and assigned a skill that they have learned this year in Algebra II. Then, students are challenged to formulate a way for that skill to save their lives in the event of a zombie apocalypse (i.e. exponential growth of the zombie horde, building a catapult for defense, vaccine distribution and production rates, etc.). Teaching artists will help students to write and rehearse a short scene around the application of their skill in a zombie disaster, and when all the scenes are assembled and performed for peers they’ll tell a story of how math saves the world!

In a land besieged by shambling mobs of rotting, infectious biters, brains are the difference between survival and becoming a snack. Don’t let these teens get caught unprepared. Support Zombie Math!


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