“Who You Are…” at Southwick Community Center

Through Walden Theatre’s Connecting Cultures Through Drama program at Southwick Community Center, young people have taken the chance to share their experiences growing up, facing struggles, and overcoming challenges – all while creating an original performance where their own words and visual inspiration bring the stories to life on stage.

“Who You Are Is Not Where You Come From”
Southwick Community Center
Thursday, May 29 at 7:00pm
(there is no cost to attend this public performance)

“The play is the story of kids living in Louisville’s West End who are tormented in their sleep by nightmarish demons,” said Hallie Dizdarevic, a Walden Theatre artistic/development associate and one of the instructors in the program. “These demons — rooted in issues surrounding neighborhood, race, family, and violence — are ultimately defeated by positivity and empowerment as the protagonists realize they can take action and become heroes in bad situations.”

Walden Theatre teaching artists worked with youth ages 10-18 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Southwick for 12 sessions, and like all of Walden Theatre’s Outreach Education programs is designed to be both fun and challenging– unlocking and developing creativity in young people while teaching how to use voice, body, imagination, and courage to perform. In addition to theatre, Louisville Visual Art Association worked with drama participants and other youth to create an original visual art component for the production based on themes developed during the program.

The Southwick program is an extension of Walden Theatre’s ongoing Connecting Cultures initiatives. Connecting Cultures performances are devised solely from materials gathered through journal entries and class discussion to provide a platform for young voices in our community that may otherwise go unheard.

Please join Walden Theatre, Louisville Visual Art Association and Southwick Community Center for this performance by youth whose voices and perspectives won’t be defined by negative stereotypes.


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