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Migrating you to the new blog!

Hello everyone,

Now that Walden Theatre is on a new, improved, expanding new website there’s also a new blog. We’ve gone ahead and imported all the content from this old blog so everything you’ve seen over the past several years will remain accessible on the new site. Just like that.

Of course, this means you’ll need to subscribe anew to the new site. OR DOES IT?

I’ve migrated all the current subscribers from this blog to the new one, and you should now receive any updates from the new site just as you did before. Only now, everything originates from one source: Hurrah!

If you happen to experience problems or just want to confirm for yourself that your email address has migrated successfully, you can visit the following link, enter your email in the Get the news! subscription box on the right, and you’ll either be added or you’ll get a popup that says you’re already on that list. Either way, you’re done and it was just that easy.

If you have questions, please email Isaac. Thanks for following us, and welcome to a brave new world with a brave new Walden Theatre/Blue Apple Players integrated website.



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Challenge Grant: Let’s rise to meet it!

Walden Theatre and Blue Apple Players are working together to become the region’s most comprehensive theatre conservatory and education provider for school children, their families, and teachers.

And now, thanks to a grant by the SeaChange-Lodestar Fund for Nonprofit Collaboration (NYC), we have the opportunity to secure generous support for the merger process.

Gifts made to Walden/Blue Apple by December 31st go toward a $30,000 challenge goal required to secure this prestigious national foundation’s support. Our merger was selected as one of only 18 funded projects in the last 5 years, and it’s only the fourth arts organization to ever receive a grant.

Your tax-deductible gift of support and your leadership in sharing this challenge with friends & colleagues ensures that we can meet this challenge.

Walden Theatre and Blue Apple Players were each founded in 1976 and have worked closely together for nearly a decade – collaborating on public school programs, productions, training, fund development and arts advocacy. We share a proud history of developing generations of collaborative, empathetic, confident, and creative young people using the power of drama education. Together, our goal is to deliver the highest quality programs and strongest achievable outcomes to more children, more families, more teachers and more schools by maximizing the financial, artistic and educational strengths of our two organizations.

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Classes Friday Oct 24 – early dismissal at 5:30pm

As the headline indicates, Apprentice and Studio classes FRIDAY WILL BE DISMISSED at 5:30pm.

This gives everyone time to pick up kids and get down to ReSurfaced for the good times. We hope everyone can come straight on down to ReSurfaced on the 600 block of Main Street (behind the empty facades) to kick the party off right!

For families and students unable to attend, please make alternative plans for pick up from Walden Theatre at 5:30pm. Thanks everyone!

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Halloween Parade Friday Oct 10 – Baxter/Bardstown Closes at 6:30pm

imag007This parade happens earlier every year…

Friday is the Halloween Parade, and the route begins at Baxter Avenue Morgue (just down the block from us) and terminates at Mid-City Mall (Rosewood Ave.). The parade begins at 7pm, but Baxter Ave and Bardstown Rd. will be closed from 6:30-9:00pm.

Anyone who normally travels this route to Walden (for after-class pickup or for the Three Sisters performance that night) will need to find a detour and arrive via Lexington Ave to Payne St.

For Studio and Apprentice students getting out of class at 6:30, this is a great opportunity to just stick around and catch a free (for enrolled Walden students) 7:30pm performance of Three Sisters. Save yourself from a traffic nightmare!

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Here’s the schedule for the upcoming auditions for Connecting Cultures and Romeo & Juliet.
Anyone unable to audition Oct 29-31, MUST MAKE ARRANGEMENTS with directors to TO AUDITION EARLY.  We need to cast both shows very fast since rehearsals begin for Connecting Cultures the week after auditions so there will be no audition options after Oct 31.

  • Oct 16
    Audition sign ups will be posted in the lobby
  • Oct 29 (Wednesday)
    4:30-6:30 – Romeo & Juliet auditions during class for Apprentice ONLY
    6:30-8:00 – Connecting Cultures auditions
  • Oct 30 (Thursday)
    6:30-8:00 – Connecting Cultures auditions
    6:30-9:00 – Romeo & Juliet auditions
  • Oct 31 (Friday)
    6:30-? – Romeo & Juliet call backs + make-up auditions (we’ll wrap up as quick as possible)

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Derby Festival Marathon 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.28.10 PMIt’s back. It’s Saturday. It will make getting to Walden Theatre very tricky. It’s the Derby Festival Marathon on April 19.

The only way to get here will be from the east, via the intersection at Payne and Lexington. If you come from the Highlands or points west/south, plan a detour ahead of time.

Here’s a link for the race route:

Here’s a list of all street closures:

And here’s the big one (8am-4pm Baxter Ave CLOSED):

8 am (Saturday, April 19, 2014) – 4 pm (Saturday, April 19, 2014)

  • Breckinridge Street from 3rd Street to Barret Avenue

  • Barret Avenue to Winter Avenue

  • Winter Avenue to Baxter Avenue

  • Baxter Avenue to Broadway

  • Broadway to 3rd Street

Please note that this closure will affect everyone. With heavier traffic than usual on Lexington and intersections at Spring and Grinstead you will be delayed, so please give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to get here just in case.



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Parade Route Alert: St. Patrick’s Day, Saturday Mar 15

Here’s the list of closures for tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, from the Louisville Metro Public Works website.

Please note that though the parade doesn’t begin until 3pm, Baxter Avenue and important portions of Bardstown Road, Broadway, and Barrett Avenue could be closed beginning as early as noon. If these streets are closed, you’ll have to find another way here.

For anyone picking up kids from Improv, we recommend arriving a bit early and with a detour planned that avoids the Highlands closures. For anyone in rehearsals Saturday, please give yourself plenty of time to arrive via Lexington Rd. or on Baxter coming from downtown.

Saturday, March 15, 2014 – St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Noon – 6 pm

  • Baxter Avenue from Rosewood to Windsor (between Tyler Park and Mid-City Mall)
  • Baxter Avenue from Broadway to Highland Avenue
  • Bardstown Road from Highland Avenue to Midland Avenue
  • Broadway from Barret Avenue to Baxter Avenue
  • Barret Avenue from Broadway to Rubel Avenue

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